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If you like my work and want to support me, the best you can do is to talk about it around you.

Tell your friends, local groups or national organizations. If you go to a convention, spread the word.

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If you're an origami organization, a webmaster or a journalist, you're more than welcome to write an article about Precrease & Collapse. You'll find all you need in this press kit.

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And if you participate in an origami group, you can organize a listening session. There's only one condition : it must be free of charge.

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I'm always looking for feedback and constructive criticism. I'm doing my best, but I need you to improve the show. If you've got something to tell me, send me a message, here or on the social media I'm on, ie Twitter and Instagram.

And it will be great to hear from you !

And what about Patreon ?

I haven't launch a Patreon. Not yet.

I'm thinking of it though, to help me support the hosting costs of the website and the podcast. But I want to release some episodes first.