Meet other folders, find diagrams…


If you want to meet with other folders, the best way is to go to a convention. Here are some of them, all around the world.

This calendar uses info collected by OrigamiUSA.


Online origami

Between conventions, or if they are too far away, you can always find other folders online. For instance on these two forums :

The origami forum

Pliage de papier

And, of course, there's also Instagram and Flickr. Create an account if you haven't got one already and you'll find artists, folders and inspiration, without a doubt.


Some free diagrams on the Origami Shop.

Video tutorials by Sara Adams and Jo Nakashima.

Origami and me

I had a blog, once.

Now it's a Flickr account.

I started origami when in college.

Since 2012, I am also a proud member of the OORAA.

For a short period of time, I was an admin at the French forum.

I fold almost every kind of origami, but I prefer figurative models and tessellations.

I like to diagram from time to time, especially models I've been taught in conventions.