An origami podcast

Where did it come from ?

The origins

"It's quite annoying to wake up before the clock. You toss from on side of the bed to another, your mind focuses on weird stuff and you end up with the urge to make a podcast"

In summer of '17, I discovered native podcasts as I spent long hours pushing my kid's stroller, waiting for him to take his nap. I needed something to occupy my mind. Books were too heavy, radio not so interesting. So, thanks to some articles, I get on with the podcast hype, as it was trending in France. At the beginning, I listened mostly to fictions (hello Alice ! Hi Amelia !). As I discovered this new world, and by the magic of Twitter's algorithms, I found more and more to listen to.

Then, through my job, I began to promote podcasts to our patrons. I included them, virtually, in our collections, organized listening sessions, crafted an advent calendar (here is a video), built a listening station from an antique radio and even started to make one.

The idea of doing one by myself was slowly growing on me. All I needed to find something to talk about. The technique behind a podcast is very appealling, at least to me, but it's not self-sufficient. In the end, it's all about the content.

It took me some time but, one morning, it hit me ! I will talk about origami. And here we are…

Behind the scenes


Hosting : Ausha

Referencing with the help of Myriapod

Quotes in movies and TV shows :

Sound effects :


Recorder : Zoom H1n, with accessory pack

A wireless keyboard, to type my texts, transcripts and translations easily when commuting.


Architecture of the site : Bootstrap

Editor : SciTE

Favicon created with

Glyph icons found on Font Awesome.

Flags created by Lipis.

Custom glyph icons created with IcoMoon and Font Squirrel. Instructions at Stack Overflow.

Fonts : Luciole by the Centre Technique Régional pour la Déficience Visuelle and, Bebas by Ryoichi Tsunekawa .

Code for calendar found on W3Schools.

Search box : DuckDuckGo, UX Planet, Muffin Research


Editing & mixing : Audacity, of course !

Audio spectrum video, for trailers : Sonic Candle

Logos & icons : Inkscape

Other images : GIMP

Audio extraction from videos : FFmpeg

Text editor on Android : Markor

LibreOffice Writer for transcripts and translations.

AntennaPod on Android to help me writing down the interviews (custom speed and skip back time)

They inspired me

A French organization that produces, amongst other things, a podcast for podcasters. Members discuss a theme, like editing a podcast, building a community, how to improve your show, etc. It helped me figuring how to build my own show.
Fanny Cohen-Moreau
@FannyCOMO is the producer of Passion Médiévistes, a podcast about Middle-Age. But she is also one of the most active member of the French podcast community. She intervenes on Podcasteo.
Julien Loisy
Julien is another member of Podcastéo. I was lucky enough to meet him IRL and asked him for advice.
The Bello Collective
Their website is a treasure for podcasters. You can find articles and tutorials that will help you through the different steps of building your show.
Yes, that's where I host my podcast. But they also provide free articles to guide you through your journey, from choosing a title for your show to promoting it online.
The Amelia Project
One of the first fiction I've listened to. Philip Thorne, Øystein Ulsberg Brager, Fredrik Skaare Baden provide meaningful advice on their craft. You can easily relate.
Julia Schifini
Julia gathered an impressive amount of useful ressources on a Twitter thread. Once again, a great help !
Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services
KSEMS's website inspired me a lot for the design of this one.
Zengineering Podcast
A podcast with a very complete press kit. I might have stolen some ideas from them…
Alexandre Fayolle
The voice behind Rikiti gave me valuable advice regarding Audacity.
Christian Brochec
And his book, Audacity 2 : enregistrez, montez, mixer published by Pearson.
I had hard times finding the adequate music for the podcast's theme. When I discovered the song Slottskogen Disc Golf Club, I knew it was the right one. And I'm truely grateful to Wintergatan and their management for allowing me to use it.
Alliés Numériques
This website is a goldmine for podcasters,beginners or confirmed.
to be continued…