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So... The show is over. It took me too much time to realize, but I have to end it officially. I guess the timing was bad. The covid, even if I didn't get sick, interfered with my schedule, leaving me too little time to work on the podcast. And I set the bar too high. I planned too much stuff, and wasn't able to keep the distance.

If you listened to the show, thank you again. It was great doing it for you. I hope one day we'll meet in person. In the meantime, keep folding, keep listening to podcasts. I know I will !

And if you want to start an origami podcast, please do and tell me, I'd like to hear it !

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Nicolas Terry [S01E03]


Disclaimer: the transcript and translation will be delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Passion... If you dedicate yourself to it, you will achieve great things. Not only for yourself, but for an entire community…

In this episode, I'm with Nicolas Terry, whom you might now, both as an artist and en editor.

I'm sorry this episode took so long to air. It was quite difficult to make, especially due to the translation work. I hope you'll like it !

About Nicolas
Find and follow him on Twitter, Instagram , Facebook & Flickr. Don't forget to check his shop!
The Great Origami Library

One dozen folds & Fold with feelings by Nick Robinson

Origami conquers the world

Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny


Greater Boston by Alexander Danner, Jeff Van Dreason, Marck Harmon

Entre by Brune Bottero

Satul Mădălinei by Ana Maria Ciobanu

Stéphane Gérard
Slottskogen Disc Golf Club by Wintergatan
Movies & series quotes

The Colour of Magic

Scooby-Doo! and the samurai sword

Orange is the new black - S06E02, Sh*tstorm Coming

My very special guest…
Running time
1h 03' 52''

avis aux auditeur·rice·s francophones

Lorsque j'ai commencé à travailler sur ce podcast, j'ai longuement réfléchi à la question de la langue. Le plus naturel aurait été de le faire en français. Mais un tel choix m'aurait obligé à traduire et doubler les invité·e·s non-francophones. C'est faisable, mais c'est un travail supplémentaire qui aurait, malheureusement, masqué la voix de cet·te invité·e.

Un de mes buts est d'être écouté par un maximum de personnes. Si je rencontre un·e plieur·euse japonais·e, qui me parle en anglais, que je double et diffuse en français, je me coupe d'une grande partie de la communauté.

D'où le choix de l'anglais. Et si vous avez des difficultés à suivre ces épisodes à cause de la langue, je mets leur traduction à votre disposition.

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